As the cool weather of fall and winter approaches and you begin planning your Thanksgiving and Christmas meals try something new with Natural Granulated Maple Sugar.  You can use Granulated Maple Sugar in place of white cane sugar or brown sugar.

Pure Maple Granulated Sugar

Granulated Maple Sugar

Try some of these ideas using Pure Granulated Maple Sugar to serve your guests a special treat and you are sure to be a hit: on your grapefruit, in your coffee, on your toast or muffins (I must admit I am still partial to Maple Cream on my English Muffins), some people even like it sprinkled on their ice cream.

You can find our Organic Granulated Maple Sugar in plastic containers or in Spice/Shaker style bottles.  If you would like to purchase bulk (a few pounds at a time) let us know we can help you with that.

Watch in the coming months to see a new glass container we just purchased for our Natural Maple Granulated Sugar.

I just came across a recipe for “Bread Machine Maple Oatmeal Bread” that I am going to try.

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