Wedding Favors

Unique Maple Wedding Favor_webHere are a couple samples of personalized wedding favors we have done.

Bottles can be personalized in whatever manner you like, they are available with a variety of colors or can be etched.

A unique wedding favor – once your guests use the maple syrup, they can fill the bottle with colored water and rememeber you forever.

If you don’t like the “Personalization” we have them without also.sl_web

We also have a maple sugar (Maple Candy) in a variety of shapes that are great for wedding favors.  We have Maple Leaf Shaped Maple Candy which is great for a Fall Wedding!  We also have Heart Shaped Maple Candy which is perfect for any season!  Both of these can be packaged to meet the your needs!

We can package this candy in little plastic bags of two, three, or four pieces per bag to meet the needs for your event.  Just ask.

If you would like a quote or more information please call us at 315-528-2450 or e-mail us at .