We had a very busy weekend at the Sugar Shack but it was a great one!

Saturday morning we installed our new Water Jacketed Bottler and by Saturday afternoon we were using it. As with all new equipment there will be a learning curve. Jeff has put valves on so I can bottle one of two ways, either with the foot valve or manually. He is so clever because we can even have two people bottling at the same time which is great. Working in the Sugar House has some added bonuses it sure smelled good while we were working on Sunday because we also made Maple Cream and Maple Candy while the syrup in the bottler was heating.


New Syrup Bottler

Installing the bottler required a little re-arranging of equipment, but things went smoothly. We are going to sell our old Reverse Osmosis (RO) so that was moved out. The RO we got last year was moved into that space. We will be adding a post to that so we will be more energy efficient and it will also be faster for us.

We filled more of the new styles of glass we picked up in April and they look really great. If you are in the Gouverneur, New York area on Saturday between 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. stop by the Park and check out some of the new items. I have some of them on the website and hope to get rest added soon. If I could only come up with a way to get more hours in a day.

Until next time …