“The maple syrup and maple candy from here is amazing. They put so much hard work into their product, but they also put so much care into it as well. Plus it tastes amazing!!” ~ Christa

“This is the best syrup and maple candy ever!! Plus — so nice to meet owners and have a nice visit! Totally delightful!!” ~ Cindy

“I just wanted to let you know my husband and I LOVE the syrup I ordered. It is just delicious on sweet potatoes and french toast and waffles. Thanks so much for sending it, and the maple syrup sugar cubes are a nice treat.” ~ Judy

Comments from Our Visitors:

“Love your Sugar Shack – very nice personnel and clean” ~ Chris & Dan

“Great time!  Fascinating how it is done.” ~ Polly

“Really enjoyed everything” ~ Stephanie

“Came here because you have granulated sugar” ~ Kathy

“Lots of fun and interesting.  Everyone is so nice and informative!” ~ Trish

“This was so interesting & nostalgic – brought me back to my childhood.  Thank you!” ~ Jennifer

“DeKalb has most interesting Sugar Shack.” ~ Pam  

“Orebed operation out standing.” ~ William

“Love what you have done with the place.  I love coming here.” ~ Whitney

“Great to see what’s happening with a local raw material” ~ George

“Love it – friendly, knowledgeable, just great” ~ Gari

“We look forward to this every year!  Great for the kids!” ~ Lisa