Learn more about the Nutritional Value of Natural Maple Syrup.

Do you want to know how to Substitute Maple Syrup or Granulated Maple Sugar in Recipes and other helpful hints?

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Beverage Recipes that contain Maple Products:

Breads Recipes that contain Maple Products:

Cake Recipes: that contain Maple Products:

Have you ever tried some of these Maple Candy (fudge, brittle, etc.) recipes ?

We have a variety of Cookie Recipes made with Maple Products:

We have Maple Dessert Recipes that are out of this world:

I can never find my Maple Frosting Recipes (well now I can):

Pie Recipes that contain Maple Products:

Would you like to make some Maple Condiments such as mustard?

Salad and Salad Dressing Recipes (fruit salad, salad dressing, etc.) that contain Maple Products:

Here are interesting Main Dish Recipes using Maple:

Please be sure to follow safe handling procedures during all food preparation.

We usually use Grade B Maple Syrup (Extra Dark for Cooking Maple Syrup) because it is the grade with the most maple flavor.