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19 Aug

2013 Ice Storm Gemini

Pictures of the Ice Storm that we want to share – we will have more but are busy catching up on our work. We want to thank all the utility workers that were in the area working on the power outages.  ...

10 Feb

February 2012 Updates

I want to apologize since it’s been a while since I last updated the website. I’m currently doing the website myself and was experiencing some technical difficulties that I hope I’ve worked out. I’ve been in touch with an expert ...

14 Jan

January 2012 Recipe of the Month

It’s hard to believe that I’m already planning meals for “Sugaring Season”. I’ve found that if I can get about 30 meals in the freezer, that typically it will get us through both tapping and sugaring season. I try to ...

14 Sep

Upgrades and Updates

We had a very busy weekend at the Sugar Shack but it was a great one! Saturday morning we installed our new Water Jacketed Bottler and by Saturday afternoon we were using it. As with all new equipment there will ...

06 Feb

Orebed Sugar Shack’s Maple News & Views

This is our attempt to start a blog.  As this develops we hope to share the many activities that are required in all aspects of our maple sugaring operation: from tapping our maple trees, to fixing lines/tubing, checking vacuum at different locations ...