Bill & Brianne


Bill & Bree on Lake Ontario

Brianne currently serves as the Recording Secretary for the St. Lawrence County Maple Producers Association and updates their webpage.

2013 Maple Person of the Year – At the St. Lawrence County Maple Producers’ annual banquet on February 2, 2013, President Doug Thompson prefaced the announcement of this year’s recipients of the Maple Person of the Year Award by saying “This year’s recipients grew up with a strong maple background; they are third generation Maple Producers; they’ve both been involved in the industry since they were very young; they’ve been active at both the County and State level; he said it would be nice to recognize each separately but recognizing them separately just wouldn’t be right, how can you separate a team like that.”  He then revealed this year’s recipients of the Maple Person of the Year were sisters, Brianne Tulley and Courtney Foote and thanked them for their dedication to the Maple Industry.  Click this link, to see more about the award.

Brianne served as 2002 St.Lawrence County Maple and 2002 New York State Maple Queen Alternate, 2003 St.Lawrence County Maple Queen, and 2004 St.Lawrence County Maple Queen.

We have welcomed a new son into our family. In October 2008 Brianne and Bill were married.  He is already learning the many aspects of sugaring.

A few pictures to share: